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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1976 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1976 searchers

D.O.B: 3-26-76
Name: Paula Noble-Swanson-Watson
Birth Mother's Name: Paula Joy Noble
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 12-24-59
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Birth Father's Name: David Keith Hutchinson
Birth Father's D.O.B: July of 1956 or 1957
Birth Father's P.O.B: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Birth Name: Jill Melisa Noble
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 4:?? PM
Adoptee's City of birth: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hospital of Birth: Borgess Hospital
Agency: Catholic Family Services, Kalamazoo
Court: Kalamazoo, Allegan, Calhoun, Michigan
Decree Date: May or June of 1976
Other Information: 6lbs 14 ozs, 21 inches. My daughter was born in Kalamazoo county. I relinquished my rights in Allegan county. The adoption was finalized in Calhoun county. Long Story. The courts were full. I was 16 and the birthfather was 18. I was still in high school and he was working in his family's business. Dr. S Novak and Kavanaugh were both present at time of delivery. Not sure which one signed the original birth certificate. We both lived in Richmond, Michigan. The only information I was given about the adoptive parents, was that he was the head of a company about the size of Upjohn and she was an RN.

D.O.B: 3-28-76
Name: Ella Marie Densmore (married name)
Adopted Name: Ella Marie Rhodes
Birth Name: Nicknamed Toni
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Kalamazoo
Hospital: Borgess
Agency:Catholic Family Services, Kalamazoo
Court: Van Buren County, Paw Paw
Other Information: I am looking for any family members that know anything about me or my mom.

D.O.B: 4-16-76
Name: Michelle Messner
Adopted Name: Christopher Skope
Adoptee's Gender: Male
City of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Hospital of Birth: St. Johns
Agency: Catholic Social Services

D.O.B: 4-24-76
Name: Jennifer Marie Harrison
Adopted Name: Hemmerlein
Birth Mother's Name: Debra Ruby
Birth Father's Name: Stewart Syr
Birth Name: Stephanie Ruby
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 8:05 AM
City of Birth: Saginaw
Agency: Child And Family Services, Saginaw
Decree Date: 10-5-76
Other Information: I have located my birth mother and it has been wonderful. We chat through email all of the time and I am able to learn about myself through her. I would love to find my birth father now. I know he was living in Montreal, Quebec at the time of my birth. My birth mother has not been able to locate him either. I only know his name and I have some old pics. He has dark hair, he is short, thick dark eyebrows. May have driven a tow truck. They met when she went to Canada for the summer. They were inseparable and spent two summers together. He did not want to give me up. If any of this sounds familiar. Let me know.....

D.O.B: 7-5-76
Name: Anita Zette
Birth Mother's Name: Anita Larock
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 10-16-58
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Enterprise, AL
Birth Father's Name: Joe
Birth Name: Baby Boy Larock
Adoptee's Gender: Male
Time of Birth: PM
City of Birth: Kalamazoo
Hospital: Bronson
Agency: Catholic Family Services, Kalamazoo, MI
Court: Calhoun County, Battle Creek
Other Information: ISO son born in Kalamazoo, MI on 7-5-76. I went to court in Kalamazoo county but I have since learned that the adoption was finalized in Calhoun County.

D.O.B: 9-20-76
Name: Nicole Kathyrn Graves (Adopted Name)
Birth Name: Beth
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 9:30 PM
City of Birth: Grand Rapids
Hospital: Butterworth Hospital
Original B.C.#: 121-76-92124
Agency: D.A. Blogett Homes for Children, Grand Rapids
Court: Kent County, Grand Rapids
Decree Date: 12-8-77
Case File #: 9023
Other Information: My birth mother was 16 years old, 5'4" tall, and weighed 125lbs. She d lt. brown hair and blue eyes. She was staring her Jr. year of high school. She was of the Methodist faith and her nationality was German, Dutch, and English.

D.O.B: 9-25-76
Name: Tiffany Anne Roof
Adopted Name: Tiffany Anne Mikesell
Birth Name: Cynthia
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 2:37 PM
City of Birth: Midland
Hospital: Midland Hospital Center
Agency: Child, Family Services of MI, Midland Branch
Court: Gratiot County Court, Ithaca
Decree Date: 2-28-77
Other Information: My biological parents kept me until 12-29-76 before turning me over to the adoption agency. The order terminating rights was signed 1-18-77 @ the time of my birth my mother was 18 and my father was 20. My father was also adopted. If this sounds familar to anyone please contact me. I have two children who would love to see the biological grandma and grandpa.

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