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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1960 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1960 searchers

D.O.B: 3-16-60
Posted on: 11-23-03
Name: James Erhardt
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 1946
Birth Father's D.O.B: 1934
Birth Name: Thomas Standish
Adoptee's Gender: Male
City of Birth: Marshall, MI
Agency: Michigan Children's Aid Socitety, Alpena, MI
Medical reasons have compelled this search at this time. I need more family background then I was given. 1960

D.O.B: 3-21-60
Name: Sharon Sims
Adopted Name: Minchella
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Mt. Clemens
Hospital: St. Joesphs
Agency: St. Joesphs, Mt. Clemens

D.O.B: 5-1-60
Name: David Ray Long
Birth Mother's Name: Donna Jean McQueen (dubic)
Birth Father's Name: William Yeager Sr.
Birth Name: David Allen Yeager
Adoptee's Gender: Male
City of Birth: Saginaw, Birch Run
Hospital: St. Mary Hospital
Agency: Baptist Children, St. Louis Michigan
Court: Saginaw Courts, Saginaw or Birch Run
Decree Date: 5-66
Other Information: I was adopted into the same family as my middle brother. His adopted name is Rick Carl Long, Birthday 2-27-59. Birth Name Carl Leo Yeager. Also have an older brother, never met, name I was told his name is William Yeager jr.

D.O.B: ?? 5-13-60 or 5-23-60 ??
Name: Kimberely Cummings
Birth Mother's Name: Louise Roberts
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 10-22-44
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Hastings, Nebraska
Birth Name: Nanette Lee Roberts
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Detroit
Hospital: Florence Crittenton or Crittenton General
Maternity Home: Florence Crittenton
Court: Oakland County Court, Pontiac MI
Other Information: Nanette, my sister was born 5/13/60 Detroit MI. Nanette's DOB may have been altered to an unknown DOB or 5/23/1960???????? possibly a hand written 2 was mistaken for a 1. I was told that happens often. Her adoption however was handled in the Oakland County Court because her adoptive parents lived in Oakland County at the time of adoption. She was placed in June of 60, adoption final in 61. She was full term. Between the age of birth-1 years old she had reddish-brown hair, blue-gray eyes. I am told her name was changed to a very common name (first name common last name not so common). She may not be aware of her birth name. Her adoptive father was adopted too but it isn't know whether that was a stepparent adoption or a complete adoption. Our mother was 15 at the time of her birth, due to turn 16 the following Oct. Birth Mother Christine was born in 1944 in Hastings Nebraska but lived in Livonia Michigan. She stayed at the Florence Crittenton Home for unwed mothers.The Oakland County Court at one point confirmed her DOB but now claims there is a chance her adoptive parents may have told her a different DOB. I personally cannot see how this would have convinced my sister seeing she would need her birth certificate to get a drivers license etc. The court stated her amended certificate states the date above, but to cover all aspects of this I ask that anyone who has a DOB or knows someone with a DOB close to the above to please contact me. I also want to state that the amended birth certificate may not state the hospital of birth (Florence Crittenton) correctly because it was a home for unwed mothers which would alert an adoptee that they are adopted or at least bring unwanted questions. So my sister may think her adoption was private and not have a hospital of birth listed or a false one listed. One last detail that might spark something. The court stated when they entered her adopted last name into the SSDI (social security death index) it resulted in 0 matches however when they entered her fathers first name something came up but their computer froze and they were unable to compare the DOB of her adoptive father with that of the match. Since then I have requested they check again and they have denied me. So her father maybe deceased. Picture of Nanette located at

D.O.B: 7-15-60
Name: Brigitte Ann Cora
Adopted Name: Brigitte Ann Patton
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Buchanan, MI
Hospital: Buchanan Osteopathic Hospital
Adoption Type: Private
Attorney: Frank Poorman, Buchanan,MI
Court: Berrien County Courthouse, St. Joesphs
Decree Date: 7-18-60
Other Information: At the time of my birth, I was told that my birthmother had several other children and that my birthfather was incarcerated.

D.O.B: 9-30-60
Name: Carolyn
Adopted Name: Debra Jean Leach
Birth Mother's Name: Leach
Birth Name: Deborah Jean Leach
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 6:20PM
City of Birth: Detroit
Hospital: Crittenton General
Original B. C. #: 16881
Ammended B. C. #: 105813
Maternity Home: Florence Crittenton, Detroit
Court: Wayne County Probate
Decree Date: 12-27-61
Other Information: Any Help, any info, would be appreciated.

D.O.B: 10-14-60
Name: Elly Hogue
Adopted Name: Ellen Ueberroth
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Jackson
Ammended B.C.#: 107153
Maternity Home City: Jackson
Adoption Type: Agency
Court: Ingham or Jackson County, in Lansing or Jackson
Other Information: Mother had auburn hair, petite and short just as me. She was in her teens and in a home for unwed mothers at the time of my birth.

D.O.B: 11-7-60
Name: Linda Johnson
Adopted Name: Linda Sue Tully
Birth Mother's Name: Jacquline Ann, Engle, Porter
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 1935
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Michigan
Birth Father's Name: Kenneth McDonald Porter
Birth Father's D.O.B: 1933
Birth Father's P.O.B: Maryland
Birth Name: Linda Sue Porter
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Hospital: Mercy
Original B.C.#: 121-60-180450
Ammended B.C.#: 182996
Agency: Montgomery County DSS, Rockville, MD
Court: Rockville Courthouse
Decree Date: 12-27-67
Case File #: 3912
Other Information: I was born a twin #2. I also know that I have a brother named Mike Porter. I know that there are more siblings too. I have been looking for almost 30 years. Please if anyone knows anything. I don't care what it is, please contact me at

D.O.B: 12-21-60
Name: Amy Elizabeth Lawrence
Adopted Name: Amy Elizabeth Lawrence
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Grand Rapids
Court: Ingham County, Lansing

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