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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1959 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1959 searchers

D.O.B: 1-00-59
Name: Pattie Gabriel
City of Birth: Detroit
Maternity Home: Florence Crittenton
Relinquished: On date of birth
Birth Name: Lois Meyer
Birth Mother's Name: Connie Kay Young
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 9-2-44 or 45
Other Information: I would be her aunt. I am helping my sister, the biological mother, find her daughter. I hope this posting will be seen by her. Thank you......

D.O.B: 1-16-59
Name: Jody Lynn Greer (ADOPTED NAME)
Birth Mother's Name: Margaret J. Deland
Birth Mother's P.O.B: St. Helens, MI
Birth Name: Baby Deland
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: West Branch
Hospital: Tolfree Memorial
Ammended B.C.#: 130302
Adoption Type: Private
Court: Probate Court for the county of genesee, Flint, MI
Decree Date: 1-7-64
Case File#: A-3410
Other Information: I have been told there might be an older brother. Also I was raised with my half brother, we have the same mother.

Name: Melinda Biggers (adopted name)
Birth Mother's Name: Robba McIntosh, Searcy
Birth Father's Name: Walker McIntosh
Birth Name: Melinda McIntosh
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City Of Birth: Pontiac
Ammended B.C.#: 112776
Decree Date: 6-20-61
Agency: Oakland County Circuit Court
Court: Oakland County Probate
Other Information: Found siblings Byron 1952, Loretta 1956, and Donald 1958. Still searching for Madeline 1953.

D.O.B: 3-14-59
Name: Kim Wise
Birth Mother's Name: Sharon Gower
Birth Mother's D.O.B: June 15, 1939
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Detroit
Birth Father's Name: Windsor Davidson
Birth Father's D.O.B: Jan. 27
Birth Name: Susan Marie Davidson
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: 7:55AM
City of Birth: Detroit
Hospital: St. John
Original B.C.#: 19712
Adoption Type: Agency

D.O.B: 5-18-59
Name: Robert Thomas Firchau
Birth Mother's Name: Mary Louise Forcetti (Rupp)
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 8-7-31
Birth Mother's P.O.B: New York
Birth Father's D.O.B: 1923??
Birth Father's P.O.B: Tenn or Kentucky
Birth Name: Baby Forcetti
Adoptee's Gender: Male
City of Birth: Detroit or Grosse Point, MI
Hospital Of Birth: Bon Secours
Agency: Lutheran, Detroit, MI
Other Information: My birth mother had a child 8 years before me in Buffalo, New York. Her name is Yvette Johnson and she lives in Baltimore from what I am told. She was born 7-7-51. She doesn't know that I exist. I want to find her badly. I know from Probate court that she was rejected by our birth mother about 11-15 years ago. There could be many more children. I wasn't allowed to have information on my birth father because he is still living. He was about 35 and 3 children by a previous marriage. He apparently was from Tenn or Kentucky. I would love to meet him, but I don't even know his name. His last name could be Heabert or something close. My mother lied about several things including her name when she had me in the hospital. She used her grandmother's name. I am looking for Yvette Johnson who is probably my only blood relative. I am a white male and it is possible that Yvette is both black and white. There could be more children from New York or Michigan as our mother was admittedly permiscious. She was 28 when she gave birth to me. I believe Yvette was first and then maybe another or two were possibly born before I was. My mother Mary Louise Forcetti married an older gentleman and moved to Parish Kentucky and became a devoted Baptist. Although her new christian like behavior didn't allow for meeting the children she had given up. If you have any information please contact me. I adopted the four children and my only blood related child died at birth. I have now and although we love each other dearly. I would like to meet someone who is part of me. My name is Candis Firchau and I love my dad, please if you know an Yvette Johnson who was given away or what please contact my dad.

D.O.B: 8-11-59
Name: Delynn Peltz
Adopted Name: Delynn Kranzo
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Jackson
Agency: Lutheran Child and Family, Bay City
Other Information: I realized this is not much to go on but.....I really don't have much else info on my background, any help would be grateful. Thank you for you time....Dee Peltz

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