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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1951 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1951 searchers

D.O.B: 8-24-51
Posted 4-28-04
Barbara Turner, Peek
Adopted Name: Peek
Adoptee's Gender: Female
Time of Birth: Afternoon
City of Birth: Detroit
Hospital of Birth: New Grace
Agency: New Grace Hospital
Court: Wayne County Court
Murray my Birth dad was a Detroit Police Officer and Elsie my adoptive mother was an RN at New Grace Hospital. Elsie helped to deliver me.

FOUND 2-8-2000
D.O.B: 11-5-51
Name: Susan A. Laursen (adopted name)
Birth Father: Unknown - Just Sir Name Walters
Birth Name: Linda Walters
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Pontiac
Hospital: Pontiac General
Ammended B. C. #: 12055 on 12-22-54
Court: Pontiac Probate
Other Information: Two of us were adopted together. My brother Robert A. Laursen (adopted name) Birth Name: Teddy Walters, there is an older brother whom went to live with (?) paternal grandparents. A younger sibling (younger than myself) unknown gender or where to. I do not have a printer I hope this will be alright. Thank-you for your help. This crazy webtv won't let me do alot of things, has really hindered my search. I have a very sick grandaughter and trying to post everywhere I can. I need bio family history and medical for my own family. Also would like to know my siblings. My brother that was adopted with myself was killed in an auto accident in 1970 he was 19 years old.
Thank-you again I appreciate your efforts. Susan Laursen

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