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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1944 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1944 searchers

D.O.B: 10-31-44
Name: Lucinda Harvey
Birth Name: Bonnie Lou Degraff
Adopted Name: Lucinda Briggs
Birth Mother's Name: ? DeGraff ?
Adoptee's Gender: Female
City of Birth: Grand Rapids
Maternity Home: Mrs. Kenvon, Grand Rapids
Agency: Kent County Welfare Agency
Court: Mecosta County Probate, Big Rapids
Decree Date: 8-28-46
Other Information: I was the second illegitimate child that my mother had while her husband was away at the war in 1944. When I was taken from my mother she was seperated from her husband and he received custody of their 4 children. The other sibling (the first illegitimate child) was placed for adoption at the same time I was. I was taken from my mother by Kent County Welfare agency when I was 10 months old and placed with my adoptive parents. My mother worked in a bar in downtown Grand Rapids at some point during this time. The bar was thought to be across the street from the courthouse (which is now part of butterworth hospital). The only name I have is my birth name of DeGraff which I believe to be her married name. I would greatly appreciate any help I could get finding my real family.

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