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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1932 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1932 searchers

D.O.B: 11-16-32
Diana Adopted Name: George Thom Birth Mother's Name: Georgina Snover Birth Mother's D.O.B: 2-4-1910 Birth Mother's P.O.B: Michigan Birth Father's Name: Leo Swoish Birth Father's D.O.B: 7-15-1893 Birth Father's P.O.B: Michigan Adoptee's Gender: Male City of Birth: Lapeer Adoption Type: Private Court: Around Lapeer Other Information: I know about this from what my father tells me, is that his real mother put in an ad in the newspaper and giave him up and at the time a homestead named Shocks, rings a bell to him and thats it. Is there anything you can do to help? I just want to find out a little bit more on Leo, Where he came from and his family too. He died 12-11-66.
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