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MoonMist's Searchers Of Michigan

MoonMist's 1929 Searchers Of Michigan

Below are a list of 1929 searchers

D.O.B: 12-2-29
Name: Dorothy M. Kovarik
Adopted Name: Schulte- Helen I.
Birth Mother's Name: Angeline Kovarik Gill
Birth Mother's D.O.B: 4-28-10
Birth Mother's P.O.B: Northport, MI
Birth Father's Name: William Gillespie
Time of Birth: 6:20AM
City of Birth: East Grand Rapids
Hospital: Blodgett Memorial
Maternity Home: St. Johns Orphan Asylum report of Ira Dean Sister. M. Adelaide McCue. M. Matthia Selhuber-Superior Sec. the nuns, Grand Rapids
Agency: St. Johns Orphanage, Grand Rapids
Court: Kent County Probate, Grand Rapids
Decree Date: 3-7-31
Other Information: I'm looking for my father, who knew I was born, my parents were to have been married, the priest was against that. Wm Gillespie was a professional musician who was playing in Grand Rapids during this time. He met my mother the rest goes right along. I have no idea where he is from, age he must be 90. I don't know where to start. The musicians unions go on forever. Maybe I'll never be able to locate him.

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