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My Sister's Information

Adoptee's Info:

D.O.B: January 19, 1967
Birth Name: Dawn Marie Dodd
Weighed: 6lbs 17ozs
Length: 19 inches
Date of Relinquishment: July 10, 1967
Adoption Finalization: November 18, 1968
Place of Birth: William Booth Memorial Home and Hospital for Unwed Mothers
City of Birth: Detroit
State of Birth: Michigan
Court handled Adoption: Wayne County Probate Courts (Juvenile Division)
Agency: Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
Judge: James Lincoln
Caseworker: Moons
Witness to release: Lisa Rothbach

Information I have about the adoptive parents

The adoptive mother:

African American/Native American
Age at time of adoption: 40
One of five siblings
Bachlor's degree in Music Education
Master's of Art Degree (each degree was received at a different college)
Was employed as a music teacher @ time of placement
Faith: Baptist

The Adoptive father:

African American
Age at time of adoption: 40
One of two siblings
Left school after completing the 10th grade to help support his mother whom was ill.
His parents had been divorced for many years.
Went into the army and after being (honorably) discharged, returned to school to receive his high school diploma.
Was employed as a journeyman painter @ the time of placement.
Faith: Baptist

The Family's History

The adoptive family also had three biological children of their own at the time of the placement:
Oldest Son: 19
Youngest Son: 8
Only daughter: 13
And they later adopted another child from Lutheran Social Services. I believe that adoption was finalized on August 4, 1969.
They lived in a middle class community in the Metropolitan part of Detroit.
The adoptive parents had been married for 20 years.
They lived in a four bedroom home.
They were active in their church community.
Their interests included: attending plays, literature, and traveling.
Much of their entertainment was family centered so that the children could participate.
They had a desired to enlarge their family, and they felt they were financially able to do so.
They were also very interested in the affairs of their community.

If any of the information above sounds familar to you please email me below.